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My name is Geert van Keulen. I am a Dutch - Australian traveller. I have just bought a Round The World ticket and on 7 February I will start a long trip, together with my buddy ‘Stumpjumper’. I love writing, I love drawing, I love riding, I love recording and love telling stories about what I experience.

The journey begins in Bali, Indonesia and I will ride through a few Asian countries, spend a short summer in a few European countries, then fly to Boston from where I plan to ride to Vancouver.

Last year I practised, and it tasted of more. I rode from Vietnam into Cambodia, Laos and back into Vietnam. In Cambodia I got in some trouble and that has resulted in a charity called ‘The Geert Escape’. You can read about that adventure and the trip in the particular chapter on this blog.

This time I intend to stay out of trouble. Travelling light, sweating it out on the bitumen, in the hot Asian sun, enjoying the colour, the sound and the aroma of the Asian part of the trip for starters. Not to mention the people, the food and the slow but steady regaining of both mental and physical fitness. Working towards ‘meditative riding’, when the pain has left the body and the head feels rested and fresh.

So come along and enjoy the ride.